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Author Of The Vegetarian Myth Attacked By Militant Vegans

March 13th, 2010

March 13th, while speaking in the auditorium at the 15th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, Lierre Kieth was assaulted by pie throwing goons. The 3 pies were laced with hot pepper and therefor had an effect similar to pepper spray, blinding the author for a time. The painful attack was was carried out by three masked, militant vegans unhappy with the substance of the authors new book, The Vegetarian Myth.

The tactic of throwing pies to illustrate distaste is an old one. First made popular by Aron Kay in the 70′s, the tactic made a comeback in the 90′s when adopted by The Biotic Baking Brigade.

Introduction to The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith at Bound Together Bookstore, June 13, 2009

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Read the militant vegan view at:  Veg*n Antagonist Lierre Keith Pied in the Face at 2010 SF Anarchist Bookfair (IndyBay)

Updated: 3/14 at 7:31 am <Thanks for the info David and Robnoxious>

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  1. David says:

    Lierre was actually attacked with 3 pies by 3 goons. The pies were heaviliy laced with hot pepper and basically she was pepper sprayed. Hours later her vision was still impaired. The attackers reminded witnesses of bizarre puritans on a mission from god. Nothing like the biotic baking brigade whatsoever.

  2. Robnoxious says:

    I was at the bookfair today and heard about this pie assault. To pie a speaker at the anarchist bookfair, a person who had been invited there to broaden the minds and challenge dogma of the established order, is an act of unacceptable intolerance. To supress freedom of speech like this, these masked cowards are the sons of bush and reagan and hitler. If I was in the room i would have chased them down and beat their fascist asses. Black bloc attacking an anarchist bookfair speaker, what the fuck. What empty heads. What babies. What jocks. What cops! They must have been cops, right? Paid to disrupt us from the real work. The sad thing is that no one in that room rose up to defend the person being attacked. That is sad to me. If there was a time to beat ass, that was it. Damn fanatic robots.

  3. DJEB says:

    The next chance I have to triple-up on meat portions, I am going to pig out on dead animal flesh by way of a middle finger salute to these twits.

  4. aron kay says:

    hey i am a carnivore!!! this ain’t cool!! btw my 28 year old daughter is a vegan, she sides w/me on the issue

  5. kervennic says:

    In the world of the swollen egos everybody tries to get a piece of the pie… Hopefully a serious debate of idea will start sometime soon, because if we wait for the industry to have it, we already know the result…

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